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What the Blog Companies Suggest For Your Blog Part I

Blogging has one important goal and it is to give users comfort in visiting your blog.  This may seem trivial but all the other important goals in blogging will come easily if you keep your readers, visitors, and potential customers at ease and relaxed in browsing your blog.

You can not establish trust and confidence from web users if they’re uncomfortable with your blog.  You can not expect to generate comments and permanent links if they are unhappy with your blog.  And definitely, you can not expect to profit from your blog if users are not contented with your blog.  They’ll just skip your blog and look for other sites.

Here are some technical suggestions of some blog companies to make your site user friendly and optimized.  Some are really practical tips while others dwell on technicalities in blog creation.

1. It is always useful, especially if you’re blogging professionally, to make your personal circumstances public.  You can create an ‘about you’ page where you can introduce yourself and provide vital information about your expertise and your business interests.

2. A photo will give your blog a human face and it will be much easier to transact business with a real person than with an anonymous or worse a cartoon character.   This can also give your blog a more professional aura where your ‘about’ page serves your virtual business information office.

3. You should format your blog post to allow maximum ease of readability.  Use a combination of large and bold characters and prints for your main titles and subtitles.  Use the inverted triangle format in your headings.

4. Headlines should be the biggest and in bold print.  Sub titles should be smaller but still in bold while sub categories should be a bit bigger than your main body text and still in bold print.

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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 1574 articles in print and 11 published ebooks.

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