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What the Blog Companies Suggest For Your Blog Part II

5. Your main text should have at least enough space per line for easy reading and font size is generally good if they’re within the 11 to 12 points font.  Don’t use artsy fonts if you’re blogging professionally.  Use a professional font or type set such as Verdana or Times.

6. Keep your background white and make use of white spaces for your blog.  This will make browsing in your blog site easier.  Avoid using dark or pitch black background especially if you’re blogging for business.

7. Use photos or images to emphasize a topic.  This is good especially if you want to announce a new product, place or service.  However, don’t clutter your post with images unless you’re into photography blogging.

8. You must also keep your blog uncluttered.  If you don’t want your ads to be deleted, organize it in such a way that it will not hamper the reading ease of your page visitors.  Put all your ads in a single spot in your site, in the rightmost column for example.

9. Archives are best categorized by topics or you can make a topic list of archived post where readers can easily browse through it and find what they’re looking for.  If you’re blogging for business and your site contains hundreds of posts, it would be insensitive of you to categorize it by month or by year.  Visitors will have a hard time finding what they’re looking for.

10. You must also position and place links wisely.  You can link a text or a phrase within your post to provide readers with multi dimensional reading experience.  However be very careful not to pack your post with linked text. Readers can have a hard time reading multi colored text.

If you can make your blog reader friendly and comfortable, you can be sure to generate lots of links and comments.  Prospective clients and customers will definitely return to your site if they find your blog easy to use and comfortable to read.

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