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What Types of Blogs Can I Create?

If you’re new to blogging or just getting ready to start, you’re probably wondering what to write about. If you’re looking at a blog as a way to make money online, then the type of blog you create is very important. What are the types of blogs available in cyberspace and which blog type fits your goals? There are basically four types of blogs: Personal blogs, corporate/media blogs, sales blogs, and branding blogs. Let’s briefly examine each type.

Personal blogs are blogs generated by individuals for the purpose of talking about family, interests, daily diaries, etc. These are the blogs most non-bloggers think about when they first hear the term blogging. These are not the blogs for people serious about making money online (although they often do). These are the blogs where people rant about this that or the other. Personal blogs are where people share the endless travails of their love life,  family photos, and anecdotes.

The second type of blog is the corporate or media blog. Media blogs helped bring blogging mainstream. These are the blogs that change the world by expressing political views or generating buzz around hot topics. When media blogs begin interlinking on a particular topic, they generate a large amount of interest and activity.

Corporations are using blogs as a public relations tool. Microsoft, General Motors, and Boeing are examples of companies creating blogs to improve customer relations. The corporate blog is a direct connection between customer and corporation. The unique and exciting thing about a blog, however, is that the blog is a conversation directed by the corporation. Although you can let customers post comments, you can decide which comments get posted and direct the message appropriately.

Sales blogs allow customers to sell products or services over the Internet. Some sales blogs are direct to the customer sales sites. Kinkless GTD’s blog acts as both blog and website. Other blogs supplement the main website by building buzz and interest around a specific product. Generally, you want to keep the blog focused on one idea or product, so you don’t typically see a blog centered around an entire catalog of products.

Finally, branding blogs are used to improve brand recognition. Writers are famous for how they are using blogs to brand themselves as experts in their fields. The blog gives the writer an opportunity to get out amongst the people and prove their topical knowledge. As the writer posts blogs, traffic grows, consequently growing the writer’s reputation. If a writer takes the time to do some research and provide quality content, she can quickly establish herself as an expert and generate a ‘fan base’ of marketing buzz.

As you get ready to start blogging, you need to decide on the focus of your blog. Successful blogs are first and foremost focused. A blog that is scattered, jumping from one topic to another, won’t maintain consistent readership. It’s best to concentrate on one topic, idea, or product and build your blog around that concept. Set some goals regarding your blog. Is your blog about making money, informing the public, or building brand? Pick the style that best fits your goals and then stick to that style.

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