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What Will Be The Future Of Blogs In 2100?

It will be mind blogging. You just think . . . that’s enough. That will be published.

Even you can pre-program and schedule it. For example you can mark your next 3 hours of thinking as your blog.

There won’t be any physical components to publish and read blogs. Your three hours of blogging will be ‘felt’ not ‘read’ by your readers, if you allow them.

Using parallel thinking process, you can publish your own blog and feel others blog simultaneously.

You will be trained to think on various subjects like love, sex, family, sports and politics at the same time and blog them.

Time will be the only unit of measurement, there will not be kg, meter, mile, dollar, euro or byte.

Time zones will be used as storage devices.

You can permanently upload and store your thinking as blogs in time zones.

Life can be divided into two modes. Thinking and Non-Thinking. In non thinking mode you will be allowed to live long. In thinking mode your life will be short. Because in thinking mode your thinking occupies more time, that’s very costly.

You can switch from thinking mode to non thinking mode as you wish. It’s like switching between life and death.

When you are in non thinking mode, which is similar to death, you can read your permanently stored blogs. But remember you can only read, you can’t feel.

You can reverse the time line of your stored memories, but speed can’t be altered since it’s time based.

Finally blogs will not be called as blogs, they will called as ‘Time slices’.

Tell this to your future kids, because they have better chance to enjoy time slices than you. Till then happy blogging.

R. Selvakkumar – An Infotainer – I am a Writer, Actor, Director & Trainer. I am working in IT, Visual Media and Education Industries. My Infotainment blog is http://360.yahoo.com/isr_selva

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