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Which is Better? — A Blog or an Article?

You may have been putting off the idea of writing articles but why? You may be thinking that you’ve got nothing to say or nobody would listen to what you want to say but if that was true how come blog’s have become so popular with the search engines? All the experts out there are doing it so they must be onto something. Blog’s are a great thing because they give your business a bit of personality and move your business away from just a cold emotionless website. Why do you think audio on websites have improved conversion rates, people can connect the sales letter with a person and if you put a picture up there and now they have a face to go with the voice and you improve your conversion even better!

Can you see where we’re going here?

So maybe now your thinking “I need a blog” But do you here’s a couple of reasons against it, you have to remember there’s no point starting a blog if you don’t have the time to add to it on a regular basis or if you don’t have enough to knowledge about your subject to write about it every day, there really is no point just starting a blog and writing any old thing. You’ll find that people will just stop reading it that’s even if they find it in the first place (that’s another day’s article.)

When you think about by looking from the surfer’s perspective would you really want to read the ranting and ravings of someone (o.k. maybe if it was entertaining) but if you didn’t learn from it you’d just move on, this is the “McDonalds” generation people want things and they want them now they haven’t the patience to hang around and they just move on!

After thinking this over maybe a blog isn’t for you, but don’t think that people won’t be interested in what you have to say. If you don’t have the time or the knowledge to write about your subject daily why you don’t put your thoughts in the form of a series of articles. This way you can plod along at your own pace and give some quality information rather that just fluff (nobody likes to read fluff.) You’ll find that your quality article will get passed around and who knows where it could end up. Another benefit of article writing is that people will start to link your name with your product or service, so you come across as being an expert in your field. So when they think of “Product X” your name comes up and where do you think they go to buy it??

So don’t put it off another day, sit down now and put an article together you don’t have to have a degree in English, just put your personality into it and give some great advice or knowledge and you’ll go a long way. And if you first article bombs, don’t give up, some of mine have and some have really taken off for me, you won’t know until you send it out and who knows what might happen?

Best of luck!

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