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Why Some Blogs Make $1000 Daily And Yours Dont

Why some blogs make $1000 daily and others only make $10 daily? Why some bloggers get make real money with blogging while others just barely make it?

From my years of experience, I’ve found only two ways to make real money from blogging. First is to get massive amount of traffic to your blog and the second is to increase your blog conversion.

First focus on getting traffic to your blog. Everyday you need to do something to bring in the traffic. There are many ways to get traffic to your blog, do some research and you will find the ways to get the traffic.

The second way you can make money is to increase your conversions. Each visitor you get to your site must convert. To increase your conversion I would recommend you look into multiple streams of revenue for you blog. Below are some of the revenue generating streams you might want to consider in your blog.

1. Revenue from Contextual Advertising.

The most famous contextual advertising is the Google Adsense program. Most blogs will already have Adsense. The key thing to remember with Adsense is the placement of the ads. Wrap you ads around your text to get the most from your Adsense ads.

2. Revenue from Video and Podcast Broadcasting.

Recently youtube announced that they are willing to share profits with their video produces. This is good news and something you need to capitilize on. There are some video sharing sites that already share their profits with their members. Their program revolves around how many views you can get on a video. So adding the videos on your site will increase its views and hence giving you a nice income from it.

3. Revenue from Affiliate Promotions.

I once had a health blog which I was running Google Adsense on it. For most of the time I used to get $500 per month from this blog. However I tested out running a Affiliate promo on that blog and in an instant I went from $500 monthly to $1000 daily. I would highly suggest you look into this option for generating income to your blog.

4. Revenue from Info Products.

I recently discovered the miracle of creating $7 products and promoting them on my blog. Since the product is only 7 dollars, I got a 20% conversion rate and I build an extremely targeted list which brought me more traffic to my site.

Here we discussed a few ways you can make more money from your blog, however you need to remember you first need to generate enough traffic to your blog before you can make any serious money from it. The first step is always get more traffic to your blog, later focus on getting paid higher. Experiment with more ways to make money on your blog. Never depend on Google Adsense alone.

The only way to make money from your blog is to get more traffic. Easy Blog traffic is the best solution because it shows simple ways you can drive traffic to your blog with ease.

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