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Why WordPress Instead of Blogger?

So why choose WordPress? You might have heard rumors about WordPress websites, like for example you may have heard that search engines give priority to these blogs. We’re not going to go into to much discussion about SEO in this book. There are numerous books on this topic already. That being said, it is fairly certain that search engines do give at least some priority to certain blogs.

My brand new site was actually indexed by Google within the first 3 weeks of being online. If you know anything about Google then you will realize that this is certainly not the norm. The only explanation I can give is it happened because I am using a blog platform. Also, from checking the stats provided by my web host, I can see that Google as well as all the main search engines are spidering my site at least every 3 days for new content.

There’s strong evidence that WordPress blogs get better search rankings than other sites. We will explore that in more detail later, but for now just know that there are definitely search engine advantages to using WordPress.

Why WordPress instead of Blogger?

Have you ever used Blogger? I am referring to www.blogger.com. Blogger.com and LiveJournal.com are some of the best-known blogging websites on the internet. Unfortunately there is one major drawback, you don’t own the website. At any time Blogger can delete your username and profile resulting in the loss of all your work and effort. This is the perfect example of how no business built on Blogger or LiveJournal.com is actually yours. There is no option to have either of these hosted on your own server. Unfortunately, both Blogger.com and LiveJournal.com reserve the right to kick you off.

Only a website put together with your own pages affords you a viable business that you own. I for one would never put my business and hours and hours of hard work into a website that I do not own and cannot control.

Perhaps you may want to work towards branding your domain name. Maybe you have registered your own name for your blog. Again, these would be very difficult, if not impossible opportunities, unless you are running your blog from your own server or web host.

Features and Benefits of WordPress

Some of the features and benefits we have touched on briefly above.

To me, the biggest feature and benefits are ease of use, readily available prewritten scripts and tools, and the fact that the search engines love it. However, there are many others.

Another positive factor in the WordPress utility is that you do not need to know any programming like for instance ‘PHP’. With many blogging systems you often need to know how to program. With Blogger, you could and likely would spend hours embedding Google AdSense ads in the pages.

WordPress also has the potential to be the perfect tool for your business to generate an average level of traffic to a central website.

Here is some of the most common advantages:

· You don’t have to know PHP.

· You don’t need to use the WordPress hosting service. Although this is offered, it is not necessary.

· WordPress has aggregator support for standard RSS configurations. This has already been done with Atom.

· WordPress automatically connects and configures with MySQL databases with virtually no effort.

· Being built to standards increases longevity and future internet adoption

· WordPress automatically imports images.

· The WordPress template has built-in links added in the template.

· WordPress allows for the customization of meta tags.

· WordPress allows the administrator to design headlines.

· WordPress allows for categories.

· WordPress allows for customization of the sidebar.

· WordPress allows for customized RSS Feeds.

· WordPress allows archiving for posts.

· WordPress allows for contacts in the template.

· WordPress allows for an “about” page.

· WordPress allows for the styling lists and is built with CSS.

Those are the most common used features but certainly not all. Again, because of the wide range of plugins and widgets, WordPress is basically unlimited in its ability to perform.

Joseph Murray is a professional online retailer and author working full time since April 2006 in Online Marketing. The current project is 7 Dollar Books. As the name implies all books are $7. Built on the WordPress platform, 7 Dollar Books is an idea source for authors looking for new markets to sell their books. This WordPress article is an excerpt from his latest book, WordPress Money Machine.




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