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Why You Should Be Posting Quality Comments On Blogs

Recently a customer who was attending a teleconference call told everyone a story that really caught my attention.? She says that while she was reading through various blogs she came across a comment made by someone who she thought made a lot of sense.

She told us, “Her comment impressed me so much and was so good. It was exactly what I needed at that point in time.” When asked which blog this was or the topic of the comment, she could not remember. “The comment stood up so much that in my mind it took precedence over the blog itself”, she confessed.

She did finally let us know that it was a comment of mine that she had found on someone else’s blog. She read the comment, enjoyed it, and has been a long time customer since then.

I’ve always extolled the virtues of strategic and intellectual knowledge exchange – in other words, responsible commenting. This concept is not a new one.? Discussion forums have been around for a long time and many people understand that contributing to this format can be of great benefit to you. The principals here are the same.

Can you believe I’ve got comments I left more than two years ago still bringing me traffic on a consistent basis?? It’s true.? Though it is not a massive amount of traffic it is considerable and if not for those comments I would be a few hundred customers less right now.? Add to this the fact that commenting on blogs is hardly work, it’s actually fun, and the side effect is more visitors to your site.

Of course this doesn’t happen with every comment you leave. You are not always going to hit the home run on every comment, you may not always affect everyone the same way. But the more of them you have out there, the more likely you will reach the right people.

Having said all that, this doesn’t give you a license to purchase an automated software to spam every comment form out there. It’s a waste of your efforts because few of those automated junk comments you send out will make it through the site’s comment spam filters or the admin’s scrutiny.

Another reason is that spammers feel it is an open invitation to send out these comments and gain links back. Though search engine marketing is important, they’ll be coming from the wrong angle. If you’re in business for the long term – which I hope you are; Make sure you keep your focus on the fact that there are real people out there reading your blog posts.

If you do that, the link back will come naturally. You also get the opportunity to make an impression on people who read your comments.

Many don’t understand how much this is worth and it’s a sad thing that it isn’t taken as seriously as it should.? I can testify myself that it is worth a lot.? Remember that customer I told you about at the start of this article?? She went on to become an affiliate who sent a lot of business my way, and it never would of happened without my leaving a useful comment on a blog as I traveled through.

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