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WordPress Blog Set Up – The Fastest Way To Set Up Your WordPress Blog

The fastest way to set up a wordpress blogs is:

•    go to your Cpanel

•    click on Fantastico

•    click on wordpress

•    click on new installation

•    select folder

•    click on the install wordpress button

There you go, your wordpress blog is installed in minutes! That was a super short summary of how to install wordpress blogs quickly. Here are more details.

First, make sure that sign up for a webhosting plan that has cpanel. As long as it has Cpanel it should have Fantastico & MySQL functions.

If you are clueless about what is Fantastico & MySQL, that is not a problem, many people have installed wordpress blogs & built simple sites without knowing a thing about them. You do not need to know the details but you must know that they exist.

Important Tip: Do NOT get your webhosting package from domain name registration companies as many of such companies have very bad hosting problems. Some of them do not even have Cpanel.

Go to your Cpanel, click on Fantastico (an icon with a blue smiley face), click on wordpress (which is on your left sidebar).

Now you will be able to select the domain or subdomain which you want your blog to be installed. You can select the directory as well.

You will then see a few blanks for you to fill in, if you are not too sure about it, just ignore them all & click on “install wordpress” button. Congratulations! You just installed your own wordpress blog!

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