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Writing Press Releases – How To Write A Press Release

The main point to keep in mind while writing a Press Release is to keep it serious and catchy both at the same time. Your release needs to grab attention in order to ensure that the news is sold. Also it needs to be journalistic in its approach so that it is taken seriously. It’s a tough but necessary conjunction and a strict balance needs to be struck in order to obtain success.

There is really no fool proof plan, but here are a few tips to go about the task.

1. Keep the title short, maximum 10 words. That way it will both catch the eye and be breezy.

2. Include a brief and captivating summary in the headline.

3. Pack your punch in the opening paragraph, this is really your ticket to a good review so give it everything you have got. This is where your readers (and the editor who will rate you) will decide whether they want to continue to read your release or not, so don’t let them slide through your hands.

However, remember not to overdo it. Every reader can tell when the writer is overdoing himself/herself just to get attention. It’s a practiced flair you’ll take time to master but the sooner you know it the better.

Remember your introductory paragraph is your hook so swing it nicely so that it grips the reader firmly. Once the hook sinks in the rest is easy. Do remember to keep your flow, the more you slacken the more your chances of losing your audience.

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