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Writing Press Releases – Step by Step

When it comes to writing your press release, it can be a lot easier to write than you would think. Just remember these simple tips:

Keep it simple. Potential customers aren’t interested in every detail of your site; they just want to know how it applies to them. If you go into every detail, your message will be lost and you won’t get any new viewers. On the other hand, if you show why the site should interest them, then you should be gain a number of new customers.

Summarize. If there is something that you need to go into detail with, summarize. People do a lot of reading for their jobs and so dislike reading when they don’t need to, especially when it comes to advertising. If you have a lot of unnecessary verbage, it is unlikely that your entire message will be read before it gets deleted.

5W1H. You need the basic information, so don’t forget the basics: Who is this going to benefit? What will do for them? When will it be effective? Where is this information found (i.e., what is the website’s URL?)? Why does it work? How will it help me? Answer those questions, and your press release will be effective.

Let it rest. When you have finished it, put it away for at least two hours, and then come back and re-read it. Don’t be afraid to re-write it, even completely. The professionals do it; why shouldn’t you?

Writing a press release can be difficult the first time, but it gets easier. Just remember to have some fun with the writing, and it should go fine!

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