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Writingup members who sabotage your blog

Is your blog important to you? YES. Is your blog important to me? YES.

Every single topic I add to my blog is very important to me. The time I spend on a blog post really means a great deal to me also.

Let me begin by saying that so many blog entries are being sabotaged immediately after being submitted. You wrote about something that you thought was important enough to be in your blog, but your readers aren’t as interested as you hoped they would be. Well, keep reading because every single member here at writingup has the power to jump start each others blogs.

Before adding a comment to another members blog please re-evaluate what your planning to submit. Remember that your reading content that is very important to the author. What you might not be aware of is that your comments on other blogs can be just as destructive to your blog as it is for the blog your commenting on.

Writingup members who add a comment to your blog that only consists of a single worthless link to one of their own blog posts is unacceptable. Will all writingup members that post comments like the example described above please stop doing this?

I speak for everybody when I say that when a writingup member is guilty of this unthoughtful, lazy way to increase your points and spread your name across the site gets you nowhere. Why should I check out their blog? They obviously don’t care about mine. Go over to your own blog and add the comment there instead because it doesn’t do anything for my blog. Having trouble agreeing with me? Navigate to your newest blog and add a few comments that are actually just a link to another one of your posts and see how that looks.

Try decreasing the number of blogs you read and comment on while increasing the content of the ones you do comment on. You can do this by adding a comment that helps the author instead of yourself. If you honestly do care about this site and its members, try this little game with yourself. Determain a way to spark interest in the blog your commenting on by adding comments that pick up on something that the topic starter missed. Try to get more viewers to the blog your commenting on by what you actually write in your comments. Do you even hold the power to revive a post by what you say in the comment section? If you do, stop and think about how that makes you look to other writingup.com members. Do you think John aka admin could revive or spark new interest in any blog he choses to comment on? Most definately yes, if he wanted to do so. That means you can too!
What better way to consistantly add and retain the people who follow your blog than to actually post comments which are meaningful and intriguing to others. Can you spark the author of the blog your commenting on to write a follow-up to their initial post? If you can, then don’t worry about the “visit my blog now” link anymore because people will find your blog no matter what.

A perfect example of a writingup member that cares about other members here is HAVEN. who always reminded me to use the information I received from her to help other writingup members. Thanks again Haven. After being a member here for two months, you were the only one that actually read and offered to point out things that I could do better with my blog. Visit her blog, then add HAVEN to your blog roll.


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