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Yes, You Too Can Learn How To Earn Free PR And Gain Web Links With Ease!

Every one I know running a website has a small marketing budget and a small amount of resources to promote their product or service via the internet. The first problem in starting a new internet venture is driving traffic. Where will your visitors come from? How do I start to drive traffic immediately? In addition, a ton of other traffic related questions come to mind, but far too many to ask here.

Of course there are contextual advertising programs like Google Ad Words, Yahoo Advertising, MSN, Bright Ads and a whole 1000 others that would like to sell you pay per click advertising. Then, there are companies out there like Text Link Brokers willing to sell you a link on another website as part of your linking strategy, but very expensive and the major search engines are cracking down on paid links because they feel the links are not credible. This route can turn into a very expensive marketing strategy.

This is where a press release and your public relations strategy comes into play and you can gain valuable free pr in 36 hours and boost your one-way linking strategy. When I say Free PR, I am essentially talking about getting other websites to post your press release onto their site in two easy steps.

Here’s Step 1 Write An SEO Optimized Press Release.
This step is the most important step of all, because if you don’t get your keywords right it may not work very well for you.

1. The better optimized your press release the better. Do your keyword research and select keywords that have the greatest volume with the fewest competitors. It is important to relate relevant and newsworthy content in your press release.

2. Keyword placement density in your free pr campaign should be around 3-5% for the first 250 words and then 1-2% for secondary words.

3. Create effective anchor text (keyword rich links) with your keywords is valuable optimization and relevant back links to your landing pages.

4. Relevant website content is just as important today than ever before. The relevant keyword densities used in your free pr campaign, should match the keyword densities of you website-landing pages in the first 250 words of the landing page.

5. Be sue to follow the press release outline of who, what, when, where, why and how. This will make you press release much more interesting to read and helps reader identify what you are writing about.

Step 2, Submit Your Press Release to a Newswire to Earn Free Pr and Gain Web Links.

A quick search on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and most other search engines with the term “Free PR.” You should see a good size listing of free pr newswire.

Words of caution because, some of the newswires have optimized their websites for the search term [http://www.myfreepr.com]free pr but charge you for press release distribution. Once you have selected a newswire, submit your press release for publication with a link to your site.

Finally, in 36 hours check your links and you should see where other web publishers have picked up your press release and posted to their sites helping to increase your link popularity.

Ron Johns Editor of My Free PR, An online community for Public Relations and Marketing.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ron_Johnson [http://ezinearticles.com/?Yes,-You-Too-Can-Learn-How-To-Earn-Free-PR-And-Gain-Web-Links-With-Ease!&id=668602 ]http://EzineArticles.com/?Yes,-You-Too-Can-Learn-How-To-Earn-Free-PR-And-Gain-Web-Links-With-Ease!&id=668602

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