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Blogs That Do More Than Blog

Blogs are becoming more main-stream with thousands of new ones hitting the web hourly.? To compete in a market with an over abundance of supply is extremely difficult and becoming more challenging by the day.? In order to separate from the pack and have a chance at success your blog must do more than blog.? Enter the advent of the SuperBlog.? Blogs that perform more than one function are the next generation of blogging.? In many instances a well thought architecture will enable a business or individual to perform the tasks of multiple websites or blogs in just one application.? To correctly model the blog so that it can perform multiple tasks requires a well defined set of objectives.? Once the objectives are defined your blog can be built so that it will operate 24/7 no matter if its 3:00 a.m. in the morning.? Think of the SuperBlog as an employee that requires no maintenance, no salary, no sick days, works on the weekend and with zero headaches.? If this sounds like the perfect employee it is.

A well thought out blog can perform all of the following tasks and more.

1.? Capture the names and emails of all visitors

2.? Update content daily on auto-pilot using RSS feeds

3.? Track unique visitors using Google Analytics and a whole lot more

4.? Build a paying membership function

5.? Use multiple revenue sources such as affiliate marketing programs

6.? Get involved with audio and record news updates and messages

7.? Use video and YouTube to advertise your site for free by creating custom channels

8.? Run promotions that send targeted traffic

9.? Perform off page optimization that can drive your blog to the top of search engine rankings

10.? Send your customers updates on a pre planned schedule or broadcast an important message to the entire group in a matter of minutes…and so much more

Blogging is a powerful concept and one that can be used by anyone in just about any niche.? Finding your niche and then optimizing it by using the many keyword resources in the marketplace will enable the small business or average person to compete and even dominate niches that have been carefully researched.

Because of the ease of setting up blogs it has leveled the playing field in terms of content providers.? However, in order to leap ahead of the competition incorporating some or all of the tactics above will greatly increase the effectiveness and success of your blog.

The concept of a SuperBlog is relatively new.? In fact its evolution closely follows the marketing tactics used by some of the nets most brilliant and well respected marketers.? Why reinvent what works?? Follow the lead of the big players and watch closely as they test and then re-test.? When they have it right you will know as everyone else will follow the leader.

So in order to get more out of your blog simply think outside the box and think of ways to expand its functionality.? In the long run it is worth the added expense up-front to have a long term plan in place.

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Ron Tyler is a principal in TylerMarketing and the creator, along with a few other folks of the SuperBlog concept. Ron and his group have made a number of high level presentations using the SuperBlog as the media distribution alternative, with excellent results. The group will be rolling out its first SuperBlogs in April. The SuperBlog is a multi media concept created to solve the ever present problem of media communications and the shrinking opportunities for media placement in traditional channels.? A great example of a SuperBlog in operation is http://www.yosemitemariposa.com/

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