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How Videos Can Change the Outlook of a Site

If there was one aspect of entertainment that could jolt an instant response from a visitor – Videos ought to be it. The immediate effect of an interesting video can cause psychological advantage in the favor of any webmaster and the primary benefit lies in the “addiction factor”. When a visitor is specially shaken up due to the effects of a very interesting video, let it be funny or crazy, it’s a natural instinct that he will come back again.

Now what does that mean to a webmaster other than a waste of bandwidth?

The sheer effects of a psychological phenomenon called “inquiry”. Once the visitor is impressed with the content of a video site, the “inquisitive part of a human” searches for more entertainment and it’s a common instinct that a lot of the ads will be clicked. So an entertainment site backed by dynamically driven layout with constant updates of video content can talk towards the favor of any webmaster.

So to sum up what correct implementation of proper video content can ensure the Webmaster of an entertainment site:

•? Returning User

•? Endless Entertainment

•? Psychological Advantage of “inquisitive part of a human”

•? Addiction Factor

What is Watermarking?

If there is a watermark on top of the videos with an imprint of a websites name, the webmaster have already played a significant move on ensuring regular stream of returning visitors. The reason lies in the sub conscious part of a human. When someone is watching the same name again and again as s/he is watching different videos, the particular information gets imprinted in the sub conscious part of the human. So whenever there is any needs to be entertained, the sub conscious part of the mind drives the visitor to visit the site and thus he returns back – again and again.

So what does watermarks on the videos mean for an entertainment site?

•? Regular Returning User

•? Higher Rate of Participating User

•? A Solid Base of Loyal Visitors

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