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Promote Your Blog Using Online Video Websites

Blogs are without doubt the biggest thing to the internet almost since the internet itself. Blog as so popular it’s almost as if everyone has their own blog or two to share. While blogs are great, their popularity also makes them among some tough competition for the viewing audience.  Creating the blog is as easy as filling in the blank spaces but most bloggers are not aware of how to get their blogs to the front of the line for internet traffic. There are few tips and tricks that can be used to increase your page views although.

Naturally the first step to get hits on your blog is to be sure to have an interesting subject. If you are writing about your professional life be aware that you might find your work fascinating, this may not be particularly exciting for someone else. I have no doubt that what you do does interest many people, but this audience will need to be specifically sought. However if you broaden your subject range you are widening your blogs appeal and target.

When you have decided on your subject matters you can then go about creating your blog. When creating your blogs content be sure to keep it useful for your intended subject. Trick two for content creation, make lots and lots. It is the content that search engines read and index to provide relevant websites to search engine queries, hence the popularity of the blog.

Ideally a high search engine ranking is what increases traffic to your page, but high rankings are not so easily achieved. If your blog appears in page 5 of the search results, the chances are it won’t even get viewed by the searcher who has moved on after page two or three. This does not mean you don’t stand a chance. It does mean that you really should explore a few other ways to attract traffic to your blog.

One of the hottest things behind blogs today are video websites, especially free video websites. These sites allow members to upload their own video creations to be shared online with the internet community. Once a video has been uploaded to a video website it has the potential to promote your blog to the many thousands of browsers surfing the video website. Video websites are an affordable and even free marketing tool for your blog, product or service.

Before you can take advantage of the opportunity to promote your blog using video websites you must actually create the video. You could use your trusty camcorder or even just your webcam. It is important that you should not appear to be spamming your audience, keep it subtle. Let the audience know what theme and intention your blog represents, and a little of what they are likely to find on your blog. Another idea you might consider are perhaps recording yourself or someone visiting your blog and showing off a few of your blogs features using still shots or screen captures.

Once your video has been created, you can upload it to your favorite video website. You may first consider editing your video using one of the many available video editing software applications available on the internet and save it on your computer. Then it’s just a matter of following the steps to upload it to the video website.

It’s important to remember that promoting your blog using video websites does not guarantee increased traffic, but it is a matter of not doing anything to promote your blog isn’t likely to help either. With the fact that most video hosting offered on line being free, and likely traffic your video does attract can be considered free hits.

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