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3 Steps To Earning More With Your Blog!

Blogs, short for “weblogs” have become a staple piece of the internet marketing puzzle…and for good reason!

Whether you like em’ or hate em’ search engines LOVE em…period! Blogging can be a simple, cost effective way to drive the quality targeted traffic your site needs in order to be successful!

But if you going to blog for traffic and profits there are a few things you should know about how to blog effectively.

1) Host your blog on your own site!

Many people host their blog on the free blog host such as blogger.com and wordpress.com…this option is fine if you are not using your blog for SEO (search engine optimization) but if you want to get the full benefit of blogging for profits you should be hosting your blog on your own domain.

2) Optimize your blog for your links!

One big mistake new marketers make is trying to mix adsense, with affiliate marketing on their blog…don’t do this!

Make a choice, drive traffic to your site, or away from it…but not both!

3) Build Your List!

Include an opt-in form right in your blog to collect contact information and build your mailing list!

We have all heard “the money is in the list”…and this statement is completely true! Blogs can easily drive a lot of free, targeted traffic, leverage that traffic and build your list from day one!

Anybody can run blog for traffic and profits, and you might consider using them for YOUR internet marketing plan, you won’t regret it!

To Your Success,

Robert McAlear

Robert “Bob in a Million” McAlear has spent years as a successful internet marketer, and an expert in online business. He has created several best selling products, including the highly coveted “Unlimited Traffic and Profits Newsletter”…You can visit his blog at [http://www.bobnamillion.com]www.bobnamillion.com where he openly shares the secrets to his online success!

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