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Being A Good Blogger

There are millions of bloggers in the world and only few of them are really good. Then there are criteria for bloggers to be a good blogger. What are these criteria? How can we decide whether a blog is good or bad.

The first criteria, of course, should be traffic. How much traffic does your blog get. Then comes the comments about your posts. If visitors like your posts and find them useful or interesting, then you win; you are a good blogger. That’s not enough! The alexa position, your backlinks and pagerank are among the criteria.

But how can we make our blogs suit these criteria. What should we do? The first thing to do is to write quality posts. All your posts should answer the question “What is this blog for?” They must be unique and simple enough to be understandable by all people.

They mus be up to date. I mean, you should update your blog regularly and frequently. Your visitors and especially, search engines will love it. They will look forward to your next post , if you can make them believe that your posts does really well.

Then comes your blog’s design… It must be simple and easily readable. You must use related pictures in your posts. This will tell the reader what your post is about in a look. Be careful about your fonts, they must be reader friendly and easily readible.

If you ared bored while you are writing a post, have a short break. Do not insist on writing and publish what you wrote when you are bored. Write only on subjects that will interest visitors. No one will wonder about your daily life if you are not an abnormal person.

Your posts should be short but you must be able to tell what you mean. Give links to your resources and to your related previous posts. Add your blog to blog directories. Find blog friends and exchange link with them. Avoid putting so much ads on your blog. Be patient and take care of yourself. [http://www.uylog.com]UYlog.Com, My Blog

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