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Blogging for SEO, Robots and Human Readers

Naturally we have all been raised to write for the human reader. I doubt many parents raise their children remarking, “Now Johnny, be sure to practice writing so the robot can read your story!” As crazy as it sounds, bloggers are faced with the task to not only write for humans, but for robots too!

Have you written your blog posts for humans only, or do you also aim to please the robots appetite for the latest scoop? Although it may be your specialty, robots are not looking to read the latest gossip, but they are looking to read strong keywords and key phrases. To please the robots be sure to toss the robots some keyword biscuits and key phrase sandwiches so you will be handsomely rewarded! For good seo, (search engine optimization) the primary keywords are those found in your blog post titles. Your blog post titles have the greatest impact for bringing in organic traffic from the search engines.

Blogging with robots in mind is not the easiest task for bloggers because it means we have to write in a manner that may seem awkward as we create the content. If the content was not carefully crafted it may result in feeling a repetitious flow of specific keywords when the human reader takes a gander at your blog posts. If you were in an English class and submitted a story written in a manner to find favor from a robot, the teacher would probably give you bad marks for being too repetitious with certain words. One rare exception would be if your teacher is a robot!

When it comes to search engines and robots, proper keyword selection, placement and repetition are helpful in order to establish your main keywords and key phrases for your blog. For most, that is not second nature, but instead a learned process in blogging. Bloggers must find a happy medium between writing for the human reader, and writing for the robots. Ultimately you may prefer to write for the human reader first, and the robots second. If that is the case and you are the human reading this article, be sure to tell the robots to get behind you in line!

Did I write for the robot here? Hmm, I better throw the robot some keyword biscuits to lure him in to get my keyword higher up in the search results. So please have a blogging, blogging, blogging, good time!

Tammara Nelson

Marketing has been my background most of my work life. In late 2005 the course of my work life changed, which led to an interest in blogging in 2006. As they say, “One thing leads to another!” and that was how I became the founder of Link and Blog Challenge! linkandblogchallenge.com

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