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Blogging – Secrets Your Competition Hopes You Never Learn About Creating A Money-Magnet Blog

There’s just no stopping the blog! Whether you have a blog for personal reasons or for business, the blog is here to stay.

If you visit a website looking for information, chances are good there will be a blog on the site. Actually, we’ve been spoiled. The websites that don’t have blogs look like they’re missing an appendage.

The reason for this is that websites are known as being static. Updating them can be a hassle. If an online marketer doesn’t have a webmaster to turn to, the prospect of getting around to doing it themselves is a little daunting.

Blogs, on the other hand are anything but static. This is why the search engines love them. Search engines love great and constant content.

Of course, the be-all-and-end-all of the great blog is that updating it is downright EASY! Who doesn’t want less hassle and headaches while going about your business? Many marketers just have blogs instead of websites. Yes, it can be done. Especially starting out.

The fastest way to get an internet marketing business up and running is to create a blog to promote your product.

Blogging about your own product or one in which you are affiliated with gets easier all the time. The blogging software is constantly changing. Users are listened to. Their concerns are noted and developers come up with new ways to make the blogging experience even better.

For free blogging platforms:

Blogger and WordPress

Try working with both. It’s the only way to find out which one meets your needs. And causes you to do your dance of joy. When you have your blog set up, you’ll begin writing your posts. Don’t get all frazzled. Just write as if you were talking with a friend. Visitors will like you better.

What should you be paying strict attention to if you want your blog to be found anytime soon?

KEYWORDS! There isn’t anything more important than keywords. You should name your child “Keyword”. That’s how crucial they are to online marketing.

If you choose, you can purchase superior keyword software to help you with your mission. You can find the software by putting “keyword software” in your search browser.

If the word “Free” causes your eyes to tear up, then check out:

Wordtracker and Goodkeywords

And…never, ever stop researching keywords. It will take time but it’s time well spent. You have to research what words your potential buyers are using when they are looking for information online. Single words, phrases, and questions. Put yourself in their shoes. What are they thinking? Then you will put your research to work in creating your blog.

Highly important is the title. Your keyword or phrase MUST be in your title! This is what you want the search engines to notice. When you write your post, you will use them throughout. Not so many times you come off as a raving lunatic. It has to make sense. Read everything aloud. Any glitches will catch on your tongue. It has to sound natural. If not, change it.

When you have your post written as best you can, you’ll want to “ping”. Yes, there are free services for your “pinging” pleasure.

Such as Technorati and Pingoat

When you get to these sites, you’ll find out what “pinging” is if you don’t already know. Briefly, it’s a way that sends a message “out there” that you have updated your blog with fresh content. Much better than smoke signals. And the search engine spiders are happy too. So you have a higher ranking. So if you want to excel at blogging for business, there is a way to do it. And, the only way to do anything is the best way!

(c) 2007 Karen Cook

To get your hands on the only information you’ll ever need to become an expert blogger, visit http://ebookempire.blogspot.com

Karen Cook works in a Public Library where she loves to assist her patrons with their blogs.

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