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How Do I Dominate Low Competition Key Phrases Using a Blog?

Using SEO is a great way to get traffic to one’s blog. It can seem like a nightmare when one tries to learn SEO from scratch, but after a while, SEO becomes as easy as a few simple daily tasks. The basics of SEO tell us we need to build links, but how many do we need? The amount of links needed to bring a site to the top of search engines depends on the competition of the phrases one targets.

One can simply dominate low Competition key phrases with ease through a bit of link building and anchor text optimization. To accomplish this, one must first start with research. Research is the key to any project on the net. Many believe they can begin an online business without research, but this is one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make. To begin research, use a tool like wordtracker, the adwords key word tool, or the Yahoo overture tool. Do a basic search of key words in one’s niche and take down a list of the most searched with the least competition.

To further one’s research, one can use sites such as Yahoo answers, forums, blogs, online news, and more. The possibilities are endless on the internet. Actually, a topic with a large amount of research resources is a sign the niche has some profit in it.

The next step is to right the article. The title should be related to the best of your key phrases. This article must also be written with at least 250 words. The more words written, the more key phrases in the article, the better chance it will be found in search engines.

The final element of the article is the Bio. The main benefit of the bio is that it contains links to your site. One must place 2 links in the bio maximum. One link must be of the site in plain URL form because many people, who take articles from article directories, fail to use the html and take just the writing so one can make sure their URL is readable. Secondly, one should place a link to the same site using the anchor text desired. This way, one will receive massive SEO benefits from any published article.

The final step of this process is to use a blog to upload the article written. Blogs are very search engine friendly, they are optimized with titles and links, and it is easy for one to add content to a blog. After you upload the content on your blog, place the article on an article directory like http://www.ezinearticles.com or any of the other many directories.

In literally a few days, the page with the article will be seen on the top of the search for the phrase being optimized thanks to this strategy. If this has not happened, create another article in a similar fashion as the first, on a new, but similar topic.

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