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How To Choose The Right Keywords Density In Your Title Tag

The text in that appears in the title tag is quite important for your search engines ranking. Having your keywords appear here is definitely something you can’t afford to miss.

Your TITLE tag should be between 50 – 85 characters in length. There is no need to put more than that. Google, MSN and Yahoo currently displays approximately 50-85 characters of the title.

Search engine robots will start crawling your site from top. If your title is matching the users search query chances are there your site will be in the top of the search engine pages if optimized properly.
Also it is important to remember that the first words in the title tag are weighted more heavily than all the following words.

Sure a title should contain your main keywords. It should these naturally since it describes what’s on the page, but you need it to contain your keywords for SEO purposes. To my experience, I was successful in ranking sites when I maintained a Keyword density on the titles.

However never overemphasis your Title Tag keywords density. If is seems cluttered to a human, then the search engine algorithms will probably know that your are trying to trick it.

Also make sure you’re targeted keyword are not to broad. Competition is fierce and you won’t win the battle if you try to outrun multi million dollar insurance companies!.

Using your keywords and phrases the right way means more potential for incoming links from other sites, and more targeted traffic. Which is the ultimate goal.

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