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How To Separate Your Blog From The Rest

Hey, you’ve followed all the rules of SEO, analyzed your keywords, optimized your blog and aligned your blog with your top competitor. You’re doing the same things your competition is doing, you think. Now what?

However, you realize that the absolutely fabulous blog you’ve created needs something special. It must be able to stick out from a sea of millions of blogs all shouting for the attention of all those blog readers. Your content is relevant, yet your blog visitors are minimal. What do you do?

Well, you could spend your hard earned cash on a blog consultant. That might be pretty expensive — just to diagnose your blog marketing problems. This could save you some time, but you would still have to implement those changes.

Or, you could just follow these tips that I publish daily to help you.

So, instead of paying out a bunch of money, here’s a checklist that you can use to optimize your blog while increasing the amount of visitors you get.

–> Customize the look and feel of your blog using any number of free templates. I use Blogger because it is easy to use even for a mildly simple mind that I possess. WordPress and Moveable Type are also very good, they’re also free.

–> Research your keywords and maintain a list of highly targeted keywords for your blog. They’ll come in handy.

–> Activate automatic trackback and ping functionality on your blog. Check the settings of your blog, you should be able to just check yes or no to activate these things.

–> Utilize RSS Subscriptions, social bookmarking and tags or labels.

–> Create a Feedburner account so you can track your feeds and find out who is subscribing to your blog.

–> Find like minded, authoritative blogs like ProBlogger, and websites and link to them. Inbound links, the kind that link back to your blog increase your search engine ranking and give you more credibility.

–> Remember to archive your posts for your readers’ future reference. A reader may bookmark your blog because you had something relevant to share.

–> Request feedback or reviews of your blog in forums. Especially if one of your posts has relevance to a question or problem posed there.

–> Research and read relevant blogs and comment on them. This is a great way to build links as well as to develop professional relationships.

–> Post regularly, 3-5 times a week. I post daily, Monday through Friday for consistency sake.

These are just a few practical blog marketing and optimization tips that I do to increase my blog visitors as well as my blog income. Doing these tactics every week will make your blog stand out from the rest.

I’m LaTease Rikard and I write everything you see on Teasa’s Tips And Techniques blog. Blogging is a hobby of mine that is going to turn into a full time income. I started seriously blogging in May 2007, not knowing that I needed to post daily in order to attract a following. I hope to help other bloggers make money doing this fun and easy thing. http://teasastipstechniques.blogspot.com

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