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Internet Marketing Tip – Blogging is More Powerful than You Think!

If you are not blogging EVERY day, you are missing out on 1,000’s of potential visitors to your website.  Here’s why…..

Blog every day.
Whether you are hosting a blog on your own website, or using one of the free hosting services, it is extremely important that you blog every day. If you are still one of those businesses that don’t have a blog yet, I would hire someone to install one on your website immediately. Or, if you have the know-how you can always install it yourself for free.

Why are blogs important?
Blogs aren’t just important, they are the most vital business tool you could possible own. Here’s a few reasons why:

Unlike your average website, blogs have special RSS software built in them that  instantaneously tell “subscribers” the second you write something new.  Some blogs have tens of thousands of subscribers. Except for email, what  other tool can send a message out to tens of thousands of people at a  time. Imagine what that would do for your traffic and sales.Blogs  also have software that tells you every time another site is linking to you. Within a click, you can tell the exact website that is linking in.  The more sites you have linking in, the higher your website will be in the  search engines.Blogs  are extremely customizable. In my blog, I have it that if I want to run an ad in every post, I can do it with a click of a button. If I want to add a signature to every post I can also do that with a click. Blogs are so incredible, that you can send a post to your blog via Email.When your blog becomes popular, other bloggers will take notice and start linking to you. They will literally be directing people to your website or blog. Why do they do this? For some, it’s because they like your content.  For others, it’s because they hope you will link back to them. Either way, it’s a community of people helping each other build traffic. More powerful than you think.

As the title of this article suggests, blogs are more powerful than you. There are literally 1,000’s of “plug-ins” that you can install into your blog that will make it more tempting for people to return to your site. Remember, the more people that come to your site, the higher your search rankings will be. The higher your search rankings, the more people will come to your site. It’s a “catch 22” in reverse. It is beautiful.

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