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Kick Yourself If You Miss This – The 5 Most Common Mistakes Blogger Often Done

Nowadays blogging has become one of the most discussed topic on Internet. Almost everyone knows how to blog, and there are millions of blogs out there in cyber space. However, almost all of the bloggers out there are making plenty of mistakes in their blogs. Therefore, here are some blogging tips you can take to avoid these common mistakes.

1. Bad Titles

This is what you should always keep in mind about write up your blog or post title. The first thing that every readers will do is to read your post title, then only decide whether should they continue on reading your post content. Try to avoid confusing titles and the title you choose must be related with your content. Don’t try to be over creative and choose some funny titles which will lose your precious readers. If you have an informative content, but with a lousy and title that is not descriptive, then your visitors might not going to read your content, it will be a big waste.

2. Not Linking Back To Old Post

This is another mistake that bloggers always did. They did not link their newer posts with the older one. Why do you need to link our new posts to the older one? The reasons are simple. You want your older posts to be read by readers as well. Sometimes your old posts might have some information that readers are looking for, therefore you must link back to our old posts whenever the topics are related. Besides that, linking within blogs will encourage your blog to be updated more easily when the search engine crawler crawl through your blogs. In addition, you don’t want your older posts to be burried deep in your blog don’t you.

3. Get Your Own Domain Name

If you are using free blog service like Blogger and WordPress, then you might consider on buying your own domain name. This will make your blog looks more professional and you will get credibility from your readers. One thing you should keep in mind, if you’re using other people’s domain, then your blog’s destiny will be in their hand. They can ban you for any reason if they think that your blog does not follow the terms and conditions. There are plenty of cases like this, beware.

4. Missing ‘About’ Section

Have you come across blogs that don’t have the ‘About’ section? Plenty of the blogs out there do not have an ‘About’ section. So what is so important for the ‘About’ section? You need to let readers know more about you as an author of your blog. The more your readers know about you, the more friendly they will be with you. When you include this ‘About’ section, readers will think that you don’t have anything to hide from them, and your content will be more trustworthy. Furthermore, this will increase the credibility of your blog. You may also include a photo here, as you know, photo works better than words when you have got many readers, they can recognise you better.

5. Too Many Ads

Yes, I know that you wanted to make money with your blog. Placing ads in your blog is one of the best way of making money from your blog. However, when there are too many ads, your blog will looks messy and inprofessional. The first thing readers think about your blog is that you’re only trying to make money instead of sharing quality information with them. People hate ads, they will run when they saw it, fast. Therefore, average number of ads will be fine, if overloads with it, then you’re going to lose precious readers. Some people even have the opinion that ads in your blog will pull down your blog’s quality, so if you want to have a quality blog, don’t put ads (this is for certain blogging purposes only).

There you go, 5 common blogging mistakes that bloggers often done. Are those mistakes above happen with your blog?

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