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Maximizing Your Blog’s Potential

I’ve been doing some research on blog optimization and marketing techniques.

Blog marketing has become extremely popular recently. It seems that almost everyone is doing it. In addition, there are bloggers who say they are making money from blog marketing.

So, I set out to investigate if I could make some money from my blog. But, before I go any further, I must confess that I haven’t received any checks yet – however, I am getting there.

You see, in the beginning, I just threw my blog up, put some of my affiliate banners on it and watched my hit counter go up. I used a technique known as blending (placing ads strategically after a post).

Yep, that’s right my hit counter increased, it went from zero to 6,879 (from May 2007 until today). One of my programs Adult Friend Finder, earned me a whole $11.00; but that was when I was just ‘throwing things’ up on my blog. I didn’t know there was a right way and a wrong way to blog marketing.

Now that I know the right way (I just started doing it the right way last week) I want to share these blog optimization tips with you.

#1– Give your blog a name using strong keywords. Use keywords that have high rankings in the search engines. (If you don’t know how to research keywords, go to my blog and check it out.)

#2– Use these keywords and phrases in your blog writing. The search engines will think you are an authority on the subject.

#3– Allow social bookmarking. I submit to Digg, Fark, De.li.ci.ous, DropJack, Simpy, Stumble and more. Check out my blog for more.

#4– Choose one topic and be consistent with it. There are lots of resources out there. Read and keep up to date with new strategies.

#5– Syndicate your blogs. Submit your blogs to Google, Yahoo, etc.

#6– Be consistent in your posting. Monday through Friday is recommended by Google.

#7– Use highly targeted content to insure regular, frequent visitors.

For more examples of how to optimize and market your blog, check out my blog at http://teasastipstechniques.blogspot.com

I’m LaTease Rikard and I write everything you see on Teasa’s Tips And Techniques blog. Blogging is a hobby of mine that is going to turn into a full time income. I started seriously blogging in May 2007, not knowing that I needed to post daily in order to attract a following. I hope to help other bloggers make money doing this fun and easy thing. http://teasastipstechniques.blogspot.com

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