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Quick And Easy Steps To Profitable Blogging

Let me ask you a critical question. Are you making money on
the internet? If no you are going to love what I have to
say in this article. I am going to go over a unique
strategy with blogs that does not cost much money to
implement that will build a stable long term internet
business for you.

You need to find a smaller segment of a mainstream market
i.e. a niche market. Once you are satisfied that you have
found this you need to do some keyword research and
identify low competition keywords that you can focus on to
build your content around so that it will be found by
search engines.

Set up your blog and update it frequently. Write your
content based on the keyword research that you have done so
that your content will be found by search engines. To get
your blog good search rankings you need to get lots of one
way links. Search engine rankings are basically determined
by the number of quality links that are pointing in to the
website. Only about 10 percent of the ranking is determined
by the actual content. Write articles and submit them to
article directories. Your articles will become viral in
nature as they get picked up by publishers and they publish
it on their websites and you get one way links.

You can monetize your blog by placing Google Adsense
adverts on it. Just make sure that you register your own
domain name and publish your blog on your hosting as this
will influence your search engine rankings. The two most
desired blogger platforms are WordPress and Blogger.

Using the steps that I have outlined here you will succeed
online. Once you master these basic skills you will be well
on your way to running your very own moneymaking home based
internet business and earning money while you sleep from
your blogs.

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Mark Abrahams is a full time internet marketer who has helped others to earn a living online.

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