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The Importance of Web Directories

When was the last time you checked your Page rank or the position in the search engine for your targetted keywords? Yesterday? A week ago? or a month ago?

The webmaster community is growing day by day. Webmasters rarely have a single site or less then 4 or 5 sites. So how to face the problem of getting a descent Page Rank and a better position in the search engines? Now if you are a webmaster and you know that there are others like you too out there targetting the best keywords and doing the SEO stuff ot get better positions then yours then the race begins.

So here the directories come in. Since there are so many directories out there and you want as many links as possible then this might be the best bet for you. Trying to link your site with all of the web directories on the web will take a lot of your time and you won’t be able to focus on other projects or business. Of course, if you have a lot of free time then you can visit all of the web directories you want to submit your website to get a one way link. Most of them are also offering paid listings which will mostly solve the problems of rejection. If you don’t want to just waste? your time in adding more and more links and getting rejected then Paid submissions are the best choice. After all you are also going to profit from the website that you are going to promote.

And yeah just check that the directory itself is a premium one. As there are many hit and run directories which charge dollars and then vanish away.

To find a directory you can search in google.com and it will always show you the best ones at the beggining of the search results.

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