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Three (3) Easy Ways to Optimize Your Blog

Optimizing a site is one of the trickiest and most easily ignored part of developing a high-traffic website. By allowing search engines to see your site more clearly, and how you would like them to see it, you will be receiving more of the customers that are relevant to your line of business. Search engine rankings like that found on Google, MSN, and Yahoo are a major marketing sources for new visitors.

A website that doesn’t properly market itself is like a new business without advertising. It won’t be seen by anyone no matter how well it is written or how relevant it’s content. Thus The New Marketing World has developed a check list for optimizing your site for search engines.

1.) Use Meta Tags: Meta Tags list the keywords and description of your site. When a search engine spider scans the site they are likely to look at the Meta tag for relevant information. This information also is what the web searcher sees when he/she is browsing the search engine results. Make sure to place Meta tags on all of your sites pages.

2.) Alt Tags: Search engines hate pictures unless you have an Alt tag. The Alt tag is a lot like a Meta tag but only describes the picture and not the whole site. Place Alt tags on all pictures.

3.) Key Words: When writing content for your blog or website be sure to include many words that describe the concept you are trying to portray. For example, If I am writing about marketing I would try and use the words “marketing, sales, and advertising” as much as possible. Search engine look at how often these words are used in the articles based upon relevancy. Be sure to not spam by listing “marketing, marketing, marketing” over and over again for no apparent reason.

Murad Ali is a two time published author, a business owner, and a Ph.D. candidate. More articles can written by Murad Ali can be seen at http://www.thenewbusinessworld.blogspot.com and http://www.thenewmarketingworld.blogspot.com

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