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Three Reasons Why Payperpost Can Get You Banned By Google

We all know that Google hates paid links and link farms. This is because links are one of the prime ways that Google uses to list web pages for searches to the keywords on its search engine. Webmasters try to manipulate Google by paying other websites to link to their site so that they are able to rank well in the search engine.

PayPerPost is one of the most innovative ways that has come up as a way for websites to get links from blogs. Through PayPerPost, advertisers pay bloggers to review their website and also link to them with the appropriate anchor text. Now while this looks very simple to go undetected by Google, the bloggers leave considerable number of ‘fingerprints’ that makes it easy for Google to detect them and penalize them for getting paid to link sites.

PayPerPost has continued to exist and is popular among the bloggers. But for the benefit of the blogging community,here are ‘Three reasons PayPerPost members can be sniffed out by Google and be penalized’.


Every PayPerPost blogger needs to display a link called ‘disclosure policy’ where they confide that they get paid to review websites and products. While that may look innocuous, most disclosure policies link to one of PayPerPost’s affiliate sites http://disclosurepolicy.org/

Google’s algorithm can easily sort out blogs that have disclosure policy pages on their sites and it won’t take long for them to ban or penalize such blogs.


Though not all paid posts need to be declared a sponsored posts, a few of the advertisers require bloggers to display a badge that says it’s a sponsored post. Since this is again an anchor text in HTML, Google’s algorithm can so easily detect this and penalize or ban bloggers


This is a point that can affect both the advertiser and the bloggers alike. If you visit the Google Blogsearch engine http://blogsearch.google.com/) and check for the keyword any particular advertiser has requested for in his ‘opportunity’, you will come across all the recent blogs that link to the same advertiser with the same keyword.

This is an easy way for Google to detect the advertiser and the blogger. Google realizes that not many times can a website receive so many links to it at the same time with the same keywords (and also possibly the same image linked). This may not be a foolproof method, but Google can always build a sophisticated algorithm to detect paid links with this blogsearch. Both the advertiser and the blogger can expect a ban through this method.

Lastly, this is not something that Google can possibly use in the future. Rather, it is mostly speculated that Google has already used some of these methods already since a good number of blogs got their PageRank reduced recently. Google has been working aggressively to penalize websites that are trying to manipulate its search engine and it will not be long before other bloggers are also gunned down!

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