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To Blog or Not to Blog – That Is the Question!

Hamlet, rather Shakespeare, please forgive me. The old Bard’s prose has never been more relevant when it comes to Internet Marketing. If you want to thrive on the Internet, and “not suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” then read on.

The objective of a web site is to have as many people view it as possible, provide useful information to sell your products and services, and to make money.

One way to accomplish this is to drive traffic to your website. That means Blogging. It’s effective, painless and best of all easy to set up and maintain. For the uninitiated, a Blog is an online journal where you control the content and the postings. You can Blog about anything you think your audience will want to read. It can be your own articles, press releases, other people’s content, current happenings – both personal and business oriented, successful projects, events, testimonials, resources, etc. Plus, you will want to have the postings contain hyperlinks to other sites (more on this later).

The Longest Journey Begins with the First Step…

Switching from old English to this Chinese proverb, it’s easy to get started. For those “do-it-yourselfers”, go to http://www.Blogger.com where you can learn about Blogging and set one up. Best of all, it’s FREE. Not only will you be Blogging right away, which we recommend doing as often as you can (realistically, at least once a week), but you will be able to archive articles or past Blog postings, import pictures, have email contact information, and a host of other useful features. Blogs can be set up as independent sites or integrated into your main website. We also recommend branding the Blog so it looks and feels like part of your site. You may have the ability to do this or your webmaster can assist you.

Does Size Matter?

Actually, the more you Blog (i.e. the bigger the Blog) the more traffic will flow to your website, and the more money you will make; or the more your message will get viewed. It all has to do with linking and search engines. First of all, the big search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN pay significant attention to Blogs. Their spiders are programmed to pick up the content. And the more you are spidered, the easier you are to find, thus the more traffic and higher rankings you will get, and will benefit from a stronger web presence.

You Are the Missing Link.

No I’m not calling you a Neanderthal or contradicting Darwin. I’m simply stating that to maximize the effectiveness of your Blog, you naturally need to create links. In the Biz we call it Natural Linking. Do the math. If Site A links to Site B, then A recommends B, therefore B has more value than a Site C (one that has no links to it) for search engines and their ranking system. Natural linking occurs when there are not only outbound links but inbound links as well (which have higher search engine value). The actual text of a link is in fact more important that the text in your website. Again search engines value link text more than content text.

For example, if your webpage contains information about the “worst president,” it will get spidered, but not nearly as often as using the hyperlink, such as: http://google.com/search?q=worst+president+in+history
So to summarize, Blogs are the best NEW resource of search engines because they use natural linking more extensive (thus more effectively) than the average web page.
Here at Web Success Team we recommend our clients use these tools to promote their services online. The social web and online marketing will certainly help build your business, develop your web page and increase the amount of hits per day. The Web Success Team can help grow your business online through our direct response marketing strategies and proven techniques. Contact the Team today for a complimentary consultation at http://www.WebSuccessTeam.com

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