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Adjusting to the New Digg

Okay, it isn’t that bad. It took forever to make it to the homepage (12 days) but once there, I realize that it isn’t that bad. Here are the adjustments that I made:

1) Getting 30, 60, 90 Diggs isn’t as easy as it used to be. Before, having a ton of friends and doing a ton of Digging was enough to ensure that you could get a bulk of Diggs to anything. Now that people actually have to click on to the page, there is a chance that they will read it, which means that spam submissions is out, for the most part. This is a HUGE plus for Digg users, especially those who hate the spam. Will it continue? Of course. But the chances of a spam submission getting more than the initial Digg is greatly diminished.

2) Shouts don’t work for most. I’ve been tracking some of the “shout spammers” out there and it just isn’t an effective way to get Dugg. Sure, you’ll get some, but for the most part, you might as well email spam and get the same results.

3) Quality of submissions is ever more important. Catchy headlines will always play a major role in the quest to make it to the homepage, but the story needs to be a good one.

4) Keep it up. Like I said, I wasn’t a power Digger by any means, but I used to be able to count on at least one story making the homepage every few days. Now, it seems that the gap is growing. As much as I want to dump the efforts, I just can’t. If you are thinking about it, keep going. It’ll happen if you stick with it.

5) Fans are nice, but most are meaningless. There are “Fans” out there who never Digg your stuff. Because there doesn’t have to be the same gap in time between adding friends, many are trying the bulk friend approach. This may actually work, but you can’t just befriend them and go. Digg their stuff, keep digging their stuff, and hopefully you’ll get noticed, added, and Dugg.

6) The time it takes to make the homepage seems to have increased. Where before, 24 hours was usually the cutoff, there are more and more popular stories that approach 2 days before becoming obsolete.

7) Submit less. Before, submitting a ton of stories every day would land you somewhere with something on the homepage. I’ve examined some of the mass submitters and seen literally hundreds of submissions in a row without going popular. Submitting good stories is much more important.

In conclusion, I was completely against the new Digg. I’ve changed my mind. The quality is improving, and after all is said and done, that is really what will make Digg great again. It was getting too easy to post crap and make it the homepage, or at least get a ton of Diggs for it. Now, you have to submit good stuff to have a chance. This is a great thing for serious Diggers, and even a greater thing for those who read Digg for the news itself.

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