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Social Media Spammers: Propeller May Not be for You

Propeller.com, which used to be Netscape, is one of the most policed social news media websites on the internet. Their people are tenacious as finding spammers and quickly banning them. Unlike Digg and Reddit, Propeller does not allow spam to run rampant. THAT is the gist of this article. I am not convinced 100% that Propeller is not good for SEO, but I will admit that it is a heck of a lot more difficult and time-consuming than the simplicity of the other websites. Only Newsvine is more diligently policed by its members. Read the article. Tell me what YOU think. I stay as far away from straight-spamming as possible, always opting towards spending the time to build friends and read their stories to “earn” the right to promote some of my articles, but that’s me. If you SM spam, I’d like to know about it. Successes, failures, yadayadayada. Mostly, I want to know the results.

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