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Testing the New Digg System with Self-Promoting Articles

There won’t be much here. This is, of course, by design. Just checking to see if another terrible headline with another batch of terrible descriptions leading to a story that doesn’t say much will get dugg.

In the past, someone could expect to get a least 20-40 Diggs for meaningless stories if they were submitted by someone with an established group of friends and a high level of activity. The new Digg, which requires that upcoming stories must get clcked on to get Dugg, may eliminate the self-promoting, search engine optimization related submissions.

I have used this method to get a page of a website indexed quickly. For non-competitive keywords, I have actually gotten 1st page rankings in Google within hours for pages that were brand new — never indexed.

This article is the tester. I will have a buddy submit it who is relatively strong at Digg (he’s had several stories make it to the homepage, unlike me). We’ll see if it goes anywhere.

And just for the pic factor, here is one so we won’t be able to blame it on the lack of a picture:

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