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WordPress.com Stats Plugin 1.1

We updated the WordPress.com Stats plugin just a little bit today. Now, instead of redirecting you to dashboard.wordpress.com, the stats are loaded in an iframe on your own blog’s dashboard. You still have to be logged into wordpress.com to see your stats. If your plugin version is 1.0, you should upgrade to 1.1 to see the changes. Just replace the old stats.php file with the new one.

The good news is that you don’t have to leave your site, we still take care of your data just like before and we can still update the interface with new features, such as the new clickable chart points, without pushing an updated plugin.

The bad news is that the iframe will often have a vertical scroll bar or empty space at the bottom. We would resize the iframe dynamically but browsers won’t allow it because the pages are not served from the same domains. Browser security policies prevent that kind of cross-site scripting.

This change was prompted by countless requests to do away with the redirect. Thanks for that. :-)

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