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How A Keyword In Your Domain Name Can Make A Difference

Here’s an interesting article on redirects and while the author makes some good points, I do take issue with this statement the following paragraph.

Actually, there are many other things going on behind the scenes that impact rank, and the domain name is rarely a significant factor.
Well, I can’t speak for someone else’s experience, but […]

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Is it Silly to Think Rankings Build Businesses?

Everybody I speak with is always so worried about where their website ranks in the search engines. To many times I speak with someone and they feel like their business is just going to sky rocket when they get onto that first page for a certain keyword they want to rank for. Yes rankings are […]

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The List of Important Ranking Factors

The list of the most important search engine optimization factors is very large and continues to grow larger by the day. Well, maybe not growing too much larger. I mean, sometimes we hear about a new factor, but SEO hasn’t changed too drastically in ten years. Still, it doesn’t stay the same every day either. […]

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The Difference of SEO for an Adsense and Service Type of Site

Is there a difference between optimizing a site for earning money with AdSense (or an affiliate micro website), or another contextual advertising, site and optimizing a business site for selling a service? You might think the answer would be “no”, but in actuality there is a difference.
For AdSense, all you are really concerned about […]

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Google Local That Are Not Local Search Results

David Naylor made an observation that Google could be localizing search results based on the search query. It doesn’t seem right that they would do this. But it got me to thinking. What are some ways you could take advantage of this?

One way that is almost obvious is to start a new domain. If your […]

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Will SEO As We Know It Exist In 2035?

Search engine optimization has been pretty steady for the past 10 years. But that’s no guarantee that things will remain the same. And the way that things change online, you could see major developments appear almost overnight that usher in sweeping changes in the way that webmasters approach SEO for their websites. Or, things just […]

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