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Tool Time: Mon.ki

  It’s common for a lot of us to wonder what other people think about specific topics and issues, even join in discussions online. Twitter, among many other social media sites, is a great platform for this, letting people talk and share their two cents on any given topic. Mon.ki is a browser extension that […]

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Facebook Vs Pinterest: 5 Things We’ve Learned

Boticca is an e-commerce platform who display and help sell the wears of international jewelry design trail blazers. It’s no surprise that these leaders of internet trade have slipped easily into the sphere of social media and continue to provide th…

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7 Companies Using Social Media to Better Customer Service Outside the Office

It’s no secret that a lot of companies these days have gone into full-court press code when it comes to media. In fact, just about every company with wide brand recognition has a social media presence of some sort, whether it’s Taco Bell’s goofy…

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Online University Courses Incorporate Mobile Applications

Getting your education on the go is now possible. With mobile education applications, it is now easy to take online university courses and stay updated using your smartphone. You can use your smartphone in a variety of ways. You can check your class’s message board, you can email your professor, or you can delve into […]

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14 Ways Social Media May Soon Change Your Doctor’s Visit

In 2006, Pew Research Forum discovered that 80% of American adults used the Internet to research medical information. By 2011, data (separately) compiled by Frost and Sullivan and QuantiaMD showed between 87% to 90% of physicians used at least one soc…

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Calling Facebook: Why the Company Shouldn’t Make a Smartphone

There are rumors, yet again, that Facebook is teaming up with HTC to make its own phone. It’s rumored that the device will have an Android design with deeply integrated Facebook features and will be released later this year. This is a bad idea f…

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