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How To Increase Your Online Presence Right Now With Press Releases

We all want more business. More customers mean higher profits. One way to achieve this is to have a powerful online presence. Making your website work for you 24/7 should be the #1 priority of your online marketing strategy. The challenge is to get past the clutter. To soar above the competition. And to rank […]

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Basic Brand Building

A brand is the essence of who you are. The more powerful the brand the more memorable you will become. Think about brands that you can identify with. What impresses you about them and what attributes make you remember them? Brand icons didn’t get that way over night and many of them have failed because […]

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Using Social Media to Generate Sales

Twitter this, and Twitter that.  We all know they’re not making any real money yet, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t avail Twitter, Facebook, Digg and the other 150 up and coming social media sites to your advantage.

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