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Guide to a (hopefully) successful 301

I just made a major change for me and 301′d PatrickGavin.com to Searchengineoptimization.net  The focus of this site moving forward will be more of a SEO resource than my personal blog so I wanted a name that says this loud and clear.  I wanted to kick off the new site (new design coming soon btw) […]

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Coming Soon: DIYSEO.com (Sign up now!)

I am excited to announce a new project I am working on with Andy Hagans and a group of brilliant technologists. Our seo software will be called DIYSEO. Our product is meant to solve a simple problem: Small businesses with limited budgets, time, and online know-how need basic SEO help. The SEO […]

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April Sandbox Update!

This is the closest thing to the old Google Dances for me: when Google releases a batch of sites from it’s Sandbox and it appears to have happened this weekend!  A number of sites that I was tracking busted into the live results on Friday/Saturday and it was fun to see and a long time […]

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The NFL, Drug Abuse, Redemption, and SEO – The Tony Mandarich Story

When researching a potential SEO related domain purchase recently I found the owner of the domain to be Tony Mandarich.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out that yes it was the former top NFL lineman prospect, and #2 overall draft pick in the 1989 NFL draft.  After more research I found that […]

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Google QuickSand: US bias and other fun findings while drowning in sand

It admittedly has been a while since I have tried to rank a brand new domain from scratch so fortunately the “Google Sandbox” concept hasn’t crossed my mind in a long time.  Hell it’s even got its own Wikipedia entry these days.  Well I can report that the sandbox effects are alive and well but […]

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