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Into the Wild With WiFi

Outdoor enthusiasts may dislike the idea of a laptop in every tent, but the number of state parks with wireless Internet service is growing rapidly. State officials say park users want WiFi, so parks are installing it in campgrounds, lodges and visitors centers. Some states, including Tennessee and Kansas, plan to equip every park with it.

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So You’ve Jailbroken Your iPhone – Now What?

Until iPhone 2.0 software is released in June, if you want to add third-party software to your iPhone, you first need to jailbreak it. Jailbreaking, however, is only the first step. The next step is to actually install your choice of software. For this task, hackers have standardized on an iPhone application called, appropriately enough, “Installer.”

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Deal Gives MySpaceTV’s Viral Tendrils Global Reach

MySpace on Thursday announced a new partnership with ShineReveille International under which original content developed for MySpaceTV will be distributed internationally. The information was revealed at the MIPTV conference in Cannes, France. Under the plan, online shows such as “Prom Queen,” “Quarterlife” and “Roommates” will receive deluxe distribution treatment.

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Yahoo Scrambles, Scrabble Scraps, Chertoff Coaxes

Unwilling to believe that resistance to a Microsoft takeover is futile, Yahoo is throwing a lot of strategies at the wall to see what sticks. Its latest effort is a trial advertising partnership with Google — a two-week test of its AdSense service. Yahoo plans to run Google ads alongside up to 3 percent of the search results generated on Yahoo Web properties in the U.S.

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Blockbuster May Be Moving Into Set-Top Box Territory

Blockbuster is working on a new movie-streaming and/or downloading service, according to a news report. The reported device apparently would let its customers view movies from a television set-top box similar to the Apple TV or an Xbox 360, both of which can download rentable movies.

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The Whole World Is Watching: Google Shines Light on Refugee Camps

Google and the UN High Commission for Refugees — the United Nations agency responsible for tracking and caring for refugees from the world’s conflicts — unveiled a Web-based mapping tool Tuesday meant to help raise awareness of displaced populations. The tool, Google Earth Outreach, will help to highlight efforts to help millions of people forced to flee their homes because of war and other conflicts.

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