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8coupons.com – Aggregate Mobile Coupons and Deals Near You

8coupons.com, find mobile coupons and deals in your neighborhood is evolving and growing. Once only known in New York City for Mobile Coupons and OCHO LOCO! promotions, 8coupons has improved into a one-stop shop for locating all of your favorite deals, regardless of where you live. With a loaded database of over 60,000 mobile coupons […]

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Blogging is Not About You

One of the loudest messages shouted from the rooftops in Chicago at Successful and Outstanding Bloggers Conference (SOBCon) was: It’s not about you.
This came through on many levels. Let’s examine a few.
Your blog is not about you.
Your blog is not about you. Sure, it starts out about being about what you want. About what messages […]

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Using Facebook as an Online Marketing Tool

By Robert Lavoie Have you ever wondered if what you know about marketing on Facebook is accurate? Consider the following paragraphs and compare what you know to the latest info on marketing on Facebook. Using Facebook as an Online Marketing Tool Social networking websites are becoming more and more popular each day. Websites like these […]

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Social Networking & Web 2.0 Applications

By Rickie Smith Web 2.0 applications involve a social factor where the users generate and distribute content. They are also awarded the privilege of sharing and reusing the content.  Web 2.0 is thus heralded as a revolution in the computer industry which is a direct result of the movement towards the Internet as a platform […]

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Website Vs Blog – Which Is Easier And Cheaper To Setup

By Francois Devdas When you get started on your online, money making journey, there are so many decisions to make. For example you need to decide how to buy a domain name and which domain name to buy etc…read this if you are still at the domain name buying site setting up deciding state. Once […]

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Inspirational Hyperreal Vector Artists and Images

Hyperrealism is an art movement,which requires the same level of technical ability as photorealistic illustration. To get an idea what is actually meant by that, you can take a look at some excellent examples in the post The World’s Most Photorealistic Vector Art. While Hyperrealism brings a similar level of skill to images, this style allows the artist to creatively interpret an image. In Hyperrealism artists utilize ethereal lighting effects, depth of field techniques, and camera style perspective to depict the images. They create images that are imaginatively realistic.

Chris Vector

Often artists that work in Hyperrealism have other interests as well. These vary by subject matter and style. Some of the artists listed below are interested in Vexel styles, Digitalization, Classic Airbrush Painting, and have been influenced by a myriad of other styles. We’ve included work that ranges from strong Hyperrealism to work that is more a stylization of reality.

This kind of artwork is often created using Illustrator’s Gradient Mesh Tool, though not always. You’ll see that some of the artists create artwork with a fantastic level of detail, using many flat shapes. Illustrator is the most popular program for creating Hyperreal Vector art. Artists also use Flash and other vector programs as well.

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