Not sure that choosing to work with an aggressive, opinionated, fast moving we’d rather be right than wrong sort of organization is in you’re best interest?  if you are not packing some right proper attitude and skill we’re probably not interested in entertaining your employ, but if you bring something to the table, fill out the form, do something cool, shoot a video, record a message, find Jimmy Hoffa, all would be pluses versus a simple CV.  You can add that here too.  BUT WAIT.

If you want to sell for us or something on the order of bringing in contracts, be advised.  We pay out 40% or better on all deals approved.  You don’t have to wait for the commish for 30 days.  There is this thing, it’s called the Internet and we’re not Wells Fargo playing on the float, we pay it out as fast as you bring it in.  No waiting.  Prove yourself and we’ll talk about bumping that percentage up.  What?  Huh?  Yes.  We can do this because of the 2nd Amendment.  If you don’t know what that means, the NPR office is right down the street!

We offer no benefits.  You are responsible for your own taxes at all levels.  There are no foosball tables, group thinking sessions, self confidence building balloon outings or birthday cakes.  OK, there might be cake!

If you are recently out on your own and looking to get your shit together because you know you can sell and at the best and fairest price to the company and the client and need a friend to help you get it together, it’s probably us!

We do require a drug test:  Please click on the Drug Test Link and see if you qualify.

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